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This Organic Extra Virgin Olive comes from Chemlali olives. It reflects the unique “Terroir” of Southern Tunisia.

It’s an outstanding variety, the principal in Tunisia, that has its own exotic fragrance: delicate fruity aroma of ripe olives with hints of almond.

Packaging Designation Volume Bottles / Box  Box / Pallet 120×100 Box/1×20’FCL Bottles/1×20’FCL
METALLIC TIN 1L 08 154 1540 12320
METALLIC TIN 3L 04 95 950 3800
METALLIC TIN 5L 03 96 960 2880


To maintain freshness and quality, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is stored using nitrogen to avoid oxidation & sensorial deterioration.

During the bottling process, nitrogen is added to the head space of every single bottle.

Our goal is to preserve freshness, sensory complexity & the health properties until the “best before date” marked on our labels.

Perfect for slow cooking: unifies ingredients and spices surprisingly and reveals the secret of the Tunisian and Mediterranean cuisine. For the preparation of dishes that will be subjected to high temperatures such as roasts, sauces and tagines, we recommend to use this “delicate” extra virgin olive oil for its stability, lightweight and easy digestion.